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Berry Season

November - December

Berry season usually starts around the second week in November. The weather plays a big role so be sure to phone and we will tell you which berries are being harvested or if the season might be a bit late or early.

Blackberries are the berries we have the most of on our farm. The variety we have is the South African blackberries. The harvest season for these berries are generally from middle November to beginning December.


On our farm we have rabbit eye blueberries. The season generally runs from the beginning of December to the second week of January. The Blueberries on our farm are organically grown.


Originally the whole Hermatige valley was mostly just Youngberries. We have kept a few lines so our guests can taste this classic. Youngberries are harvested during the second half of November.


Check out our activities

During berry season guests can pick their own berries. This is only for overnight guests and our Day Visitors. Guests can eat berries while in the field and we only charge for berries taken out of the field. The day pass also allows guests ride in the canoes, explore the enchanted forest, get lost in the berry maze and lots more. 

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