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We try not to be too strict, but all rules are so that everyone can enjoy themselves fully and safely. We ask that guests respect each other and the area they are in. Guests who do not abide by these rules may be asked to leave the property.


Do we allow smoking?

We do not allow smoking indoors and for guests smoking outdoors we ask that they take care of their waste and not leave it lying around. We try to keep our surroundings as clean as possible.

Is the tap water safe to drink?

Yes it is. We have a spring on the farm where we get our water from. It’s not filtered so when it rains a lot the water might not look completely clear, but even then, it is safe to drink.


Is this a running farm?

Yes, we are a running farm. During mid November – mid January we bring in workers to pick and pack the berries. Berries are picked early in the morning while they are still nice and fresh.

What’s up with the toilets?

All the toilets on the farm use a septic tank system. Please do not throw any foreign matter into the toilets. This includes sanitary products and baby diapers.

Wild life?

Please do not feed any wildlife you may find on the farm. This includes the wild buck, geese, otters and the koi in the pond. If you would like to feed something, you can head up to the waterside lapa and feed the tilapia fish. They go crazy for food.

Day visitors

Are activities free or do they need to be paid for?

Overnight guests are welcome to make use of most activities as part of their stay such as visiting the Enchanted forest and using the small zip-lines. There are canoes available for use with safety jackets of all sizes. The swimming pool and jungle gyms are also there to play.

For day visitors use of the activities are only available during working hours and if a day pass has been paid. Day visitors can also make use of the canoes, enchanted forest and Berry maze. The middle swimming pool and play area is only for venue hire and overnight guests, but fear not there are other places to swim and play.

The large zip-line must be used under the supervision of management and are charged per go R25

All activities are at own risk and children need to be supervised by adults.

Are guests allowed to pick berries?

Guests are allowed to pick and eat berries while in the fields, but we charge for berries by weight if brought out of the fields. Overnight guests are allowed in the fields at any time and Day visitors are allowed to visit the fields during working hours. To keep this possible we ask that guests abide by the rules.

Do we supply swimming towels?

Yes, if needed guests can ask for swimming towels at reception for a small deposit. We ask that the towels from the cottages are not used at the pool area.


When is check-in and check out?

Check-in is from 2pm, but if guests want to come earlier they are welcome to spend time on the farm.  They will however only be able to enter their cottage after 2pm.

For check out we ask that guests leave the keys in the door. Check out is 10 am. If you have any special circumstances you are welcome to speak to management and we can see if we can make a plan.

Is there firewood?

Yes, there are bags of firewood available. We work on an honesty policy where guests keep track of how many bags they use and can pay the R30 per bag on check out. We do not however have charcoal.

Why aren’t the towels fluffy?

All the water used is recycled to keep the grass and plants lush and green, therefore, we do not use fabric softener for our towels and bedding.

What are the rules regarding noise?

We ask that guests respect the other people also enjoying their holiday. We do not allow any music or loud noise. We are situated in a valley so sound tends to travel far.

Do we welcome pets?

Pets are welcome if they are housetrained and well mannered.  We charge a fee per animal.  Please do not bring any female dogs on heat or male dogs that cannot control themselves. Problem dogs will be asked to be either removed or kennelled.

*No more than 2 dogs per group and each dog may not be more than 40cm tall at the shoulder.

Is there a jacuzzi?

The small pool is not a Jacuzzi and is only a small pool for the kids. The pool gets solar heated so no sun = no heat.

Pool Rules?

No glass or alcohol near water

We do not allow anything made of glass in or around the pool such as glasses or beer bottles. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool. There are other places like the dam and river where they can cool off and play. 


Unfortunately we do not have backup power for when load shedding happens.

We also ask guests to not use multiple appliances at once as the electrical system cannot handle it.


-The Berry Guest Farm family

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