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On our farm we have many activities for people of all ages to enjoy. Whether you want to come and relax, bring the family for some fun or have an adventure with friends, there is something for everyone. Please do take note that activities are at own risk, but we take every possible measure to ensure your safety while enjoying yourselves.

Berry Picking

Berry season usually starts around the second week in November. The weather plays a big role so be sure to phone and we will tell you which berries are being harvested or if the season might be a bit late or early.

Berry Picking

Enchanted forest

At the bottom of our farm there is a place with trails running through a little forest. Next to the trails are little statues of creatures that people can try to find. There are many white rocks along the trail and guests are welcome to write messages on them.

Enchanted Forest

Tractor trips

During harvest season we have tractor trips on our farm. Guests who go on our tractor ride are taken around the farm and are shown where the activities are. The tractor also stops at these activities long enough for guests to get off if they like.

Tractor trips main

Berry Maze

On our farm is a berry maze made from blackberry plants. During harvest season guests can explore and pick berries at the same time. Getting lost has never been this delicious.

Berry Maze


There are a few canoes and row boats that are always next to the dam. They are tied to the deck of the coffee shop and guests can borrow these boats, their oars and safety jackets from our shop.



Next to the jungle gym and lapa is our pool. Guests that are staying overnight can come relax next to the water on the benches or eat a picnic there.

Swimming pool


On our farm we have a few zip-lines. There is a long one (230m) across land that can be done for a small fee. We also a small one for children staying overnight and another small one in the Enchanted Forest for overnight and day guests.


Jungle Gym

In the middle of a grass field, between our cottages is a jungle gym with slides, a zip-line and swings. Parents can sit and relax while watching their children enjoy temselves.

Jungle Gym

River on farm

At the bottom of our farm we have a river running past. The river is mostly made of bright white rocks and the pools have small fish in them.


All activities at own risk

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